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Audio Auditing encourages all electronic media advertisers to begin watermark their commercials. Encoding of a unique watermark into the audio of the commercial is a free service by means of Audio Auditing's web-based Java Encoder.

Once the advertisement has been watermarked, the code will be picked up by Audio Auditing's detection systems whenever it is flighted.

Audio Auditing will keep this detection data stored for a period of three years. This enables the advertiser to request any of Audio Auditing's services should the need arise during this period.

This is particularly useful from a financial auditing perspective, should the advertiser seek verification of their ad-spend and return on investment for any particular product, campaign or period.

Audio Auditing's Services Include:


Audio Auditing has systems in place to reconcile actual air-play of electronic media with the booking and flighting schedules as issued by the adverister's ad agency and/or media buyer, as well as with the billing contracts as issued by the media owner.

There are often serious discrepancies between what is scheduled and what is actually broadcast.

Audio Auditing's verification service ensures that:

  • Broadcast errors can be quickly identified and corrected
  • Added value spots are aired as negotiated
  • Agencies, who subscribe to the service, can view the detections of their advertisements from     the Internet and be assured that the campaign is being correctly flighted


Audio Auditing has gained the respect of South African media owners for our accuracy in reporting and our handling of claims.

Audio Auditing's claim service ensures that:

  • Media owners are made aware of incorrect and non-flightings
  • Each claim is given a number and is kept active until settlement has taken place
  • Audio Auditing records, its own endless tape systems, all of the broadcasts of both radio and television stations which we monitor, and thus have audio backup for the prompt settling of claims
  • Only once the media owner confirms compensation to the ad agencies or media buyer is the claim file closed

Ad-spend data

Audio Auditing, by collating the detection data with the media owner's rate cards, will be able to supply accurate ad-spend data Due to the efficiency of the watermarking system, this data is available on a real-time next day basis via the Internet for subscribers who wish to have current

Certificates of Compliance

To conform to the requirements of transparency and accountability, Audio Auditing, being independent of media owners and media buyers, is in a position to produce Certificates of Compliance to confirm invoices from agencies/media buyers for their client's financial department and internal auditors as well for the client's external auditors. Again this can be done in retrospect as complete records will be kept for a minimum of three years.