asasaaaaaaAudio Auditing - Overview
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Encoder Software

In order to run Audio Auditing's Java Watermark Encoder software you might be required to install Sun MicroSystem's Java runtime Environment, to do so please go to

The actual audio is watermarked by means of small echoes of the original audio embedded within the audio track, advertisement or programme.

  • The human ear cannot perceive small echoes in quick succession of the original sound, so the watermark is inaudible to a human being.
  • Secondly, the watermark, being echoes, is part of the audio and similar to it.
  • Therefore,to remove the watermark one has to destroy the audio. So it is very difficult, if not impossible, to eliminate the watermark without destroying the entire audio segment.
Decoding is best done by using 4 - 6 seconds of audio, in which case the channel response (bass and/or treble boosts/cuts, graphic or dynamic equalisation) can be cancelled out.

The Watermarking, Detection and Reporting Process

Advertising Agency
Media Buyer

8. Schedule

9. Detection Report
Audio Auditing Database
1. Advertisement

7. Detection Data
Recording Studio

2. Data About Advertisement

2. Data About Advertisement
Audio Auditing Database
4. Watermarked Advetisement

6. Detections
Media Owner

5. Broadcast
Audio Auditing
Detection System
  1. The Advertising Agency instructs the Recording Studio to produce and watermark the advertisement.
  2. The Recording Studio logs into the Audio Auditing website and enters data relevant to the advertisement i.e. Ad Code, Client, etc.
  3. Audio Auditing supplies the Recording Studio with a unique watermark code and the Java encoding software (89k) in seamless real-time via the Internet.
  4. The Recording Studio watermarks the advertisement and forwards the advertisement as per usual to the Media Owner.
  5. The Media Owner broadcasts the advertisement and it is detected by Audio Auditing's detection systems.
  6. Audio Auditing matches the detected watermark code to the Audio Auditing database of advertisements to determine the specific ad that was flighted.
  7. Audio Auditing then matches the detected advertisements to the flighting schedules/contracts supplied by the Advertising Agency and produces the Detection Report and Compliance Certificate.