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Audio Auditing's MusicMark

Audio Auditing's detections can be utilised in numerous ways to maximise value to the record company by providing immediate, timely and accurate broadcast monitoring data, through Audio Auditing or its licensees, to validate promotion efforts and, where available, quantify and verify sound recording performances for royalty distribution purposes.

Royalty Free Encoding

Audio Auditing encoding software is available under a non-exclusive royalty free license that includes the following conditions: Each new release, re-release, and newly stored digital delivery file would contain the Audio Auditing MusicMark watermark. At time of Audio Auditing MusicMark encoding, the record company, or their authorised encoder, registers all track related information with the Audio Auditing database.

The benefits of Electronic Media Monitoring of Music and Music Videos

Through the Audio Auditing system, record companies can get answers to the following business critical questions:
  • Is the new release getting significant airplay in critical mass terms?
  • Is the recording getting the attention of the important times of day when the demographic is likely to be tuned in?
  • Is a particular region or city in the country getting a better concentration dosage of the release suggesting the alteration of a product distribution strategy?
  • Can South Africa build excitement for an international release originating from another country and/or different culture i.e. what has been the airplay experience for similar international releases?
  • What other new sound recording releases compete for the chosen demographic?
  • Which stations are putting out the new release in heavy rotation and do they correspond with the intended audience for the release?
  • Is the new release getting too much airplay thereby resulting in eroding sales?
  • When should the record company time the promotion of the second single in the product release?
  • Is the level of airplay continuous or subject to peak and valley adjustments?
  • Ensure accurate details of all music videos broadcast.
  • Accurately track music duration and usage when used as background to programme content on radio or television.


During the watermarking process data relevant to the track is captured on the Audio Auditing database for music the data captured is as follows:
  • Date Encoded
  • Studio / Production House
  • ISRC Code or ISWC Code
  • Record Company / Label
  • Track Title
  • Album Title
  • Artist / Band
  • Origin - Local (R.S.A.) or Foreign
  • Composer
  • Lyrics
  • Collection Society
  • Publisher