asasaaaaaaAudio Auditing - Benefits
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Benefits and Advantages to Advertising Industry Participants

  1. Clients / Advertisers

    Audio Auditing provides independent proof of expenditure on electronic media advertising.

  2. Advertising Agencies

    Audio Auditing provides real-time feedback to ensure that campaign air as planned and paid for, enabling instant correction of errors and thus higher success rates and return on investment.

  3. Media Buyers

    Audio Auditing provides independent verification and reconciliation between what Media Buyers book and schedule, and what Media Owners broadcast.

  4. Media Owners

    Audio Auditing provides next day verification of the adverts/music that were aired by DJs and stations according to the pre-logs.

  5. Production Houses / Recording Studios

    Watermarking provides a way of digitally signing productions. Should advertisers seek to hire the studio behind the production of a specific ad, the watermark can identify who, when and where.

  6. Music Library / Composers

    Watermarking of production segments enables Audio Auditing to monitor exactly how many times a particular ad is broadcast, allowing library musicians and composer to accurately claim compensation from royalty collection societies and client / advertisers.

  7. Jingle Writers

    As above, watermarking facilitates the collection of royalties and per-play fees, as well as being a means for clients and agencies to identify promising jingle writers from production segments.

  8. Voice Artists

    Once again watermarking provides these artists with independently audited proof of broadcast for the collection of fees from advertisers, plus the ability for clients to identify specific voice artists from production segments currently being broadcast