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Digital Rights Management and Ad-Spend Verification

Audio Auditing is an independent, privately owned company which owns the intellectual technology to provide an accurate and continuous computerised monitoring service of the broadcast of pre-recorded radio and television advertisements with MediaMark as well as music and music videos with MusicMark
It does not matter whether you are a large corporate advertiser, small ad agency, media buyer, recording studio, music and jingle composer or voice artist, AudioAuditing's watermark technology has benefits to offer you.
Audio Auditing has been operating in South Africa since January 1992 and enjoys the co-operation of media owners Africa-on-Air, e-TV, M-Net, Primedia, RadMark, United Stations and the SABC.
Monitoring of these stations has previously been done by means of Audio Auditing's proprietary pattern matching algorithm-based detection system, but in keeping with the latest international developments in digital rights management tools, Audio Auditing has developed a more advanced detection technology.



Media and Music

Audio Auditing has recently patented watermarking technology MediaMark and MusicMark which allows instant recognition by the decoding equipment of an unique code embedded in the audio. This inaudible code is repeated every two seconds throughout the watermarked audio, and is therefore tamper proof and extremely robust. This is a technological progression of the digital pattern matching system which has been successfully used by Audio Auditing to monitor radio and television broadcasts since January 1992. It also brings with it certain advantages not possible with the digital pattern matching system currently in use.

Audio Auditing Services

Audio Auditing has two objectives for the use of this technology:
  1. To provide next day verification for the agency/media buyer that their radio & TV advertisements were flighted on the right station, on the specified day, during the correct time channel and in the required language, to ensure that the advertisement reached the targeted audience, and to enable timely corrections to any errors in the ad campaign.
  2. To provide hard copy proof, in the form of a compliance certificate, of electronic media advertising expenditure for the client and the client's internal and external financial auditors.
Audio Auditing Software embeds unique inaudible codes into TV and radio commercials, program and program promos during standard production processes. Encoded content is distributed to broadcasters for airing. Audio Auditing Monitoring Stations detect airplay of encoded content. Audio Auditing Data Center compiles and processes detection data overnight. Audio Auditing Detection Data is available the next day.

Audio Auditing is, therefore, committed to providing digital rights management tools and business critical information services to the advertising and recording industries. Having specific advantages such as the expertise in the required computer technology and totally independent objectivity to quantify results, Audio Auditing is focused on building these systems as a business. As a result, we are service oriented and dedicated to providing the necessary accuracy to meet our clients' needs. Audio Auditing systems meet the advertising and the recording industry's requirements for transparency, robustness and tamper resistance, so you can add Audio Auditing encoding with the confidence. And because Audio Auditing's watermark detection synchronisation is virtually instantaneous, Audio Auditing's encoding can be recovered from even short commercial spots or musical recording samples of only a few seconds in length.